Brian McKnight Can ‘Never Get Enuf Of U’

Singer, songwriter and flugelhorn player Brian McKnight has been a staple of Quiet Storm playlists for more than 25 years, and he has no plans of relinquishing his spot. His latest ballad, “Never Get Enuf Of U,” showcases everything that has made the singer a household name in the first place.

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On “Never Get Enuf Of U” Mr. McKnight lets the woman in his life know just how much she means to him. “Take my house, both my cars, all my money / All I need is a taste of your honey,” he croons. These words are brought to life with help from Tim Kelly’s lighthearted production. In the video for the song, Brian walks around an art gallery, looking at precious works of art, but none of them take his breath away quite like the woman in his life.

“Never Get Enuf Of U” is the latest single from Brian McKnight’s upcoming 14th studio album, Bedtime Story. Hit play below to listen to and watch the latest from the musical legend.

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