Keke Palmer Just Wants To ‘Twerk N Flirt’

Keke Palmer continues to make her mark in the entertainment world on her own terms. In fact, though the year is nearly three-quarters over, she’s got a lot going on before the year is up. On the TV front, she’s currently in talks to permanently join ABC’s Strahan & Sara as a third co-host for the daytime program. She’ll also be gracing the big screen alongside Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B in Hustlers this September. But the multi-hyphenate star isn’t just stopping there, as she’s recently released her latest single “Twerk N Flirt.”

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As the title would suggest, Keke is all about dancing and having a good time on the track. However, like Cherrelle, she doesn’t mean to turn you on. “Boy, you should know that / I ain’t got no plans to take you home yet,” she sings at the song’s start. “Dancin’ close on your body / Don’t mean I want another body / Would I ever lay with you? N***a, probably / Just won’t be tonight ’cause that’s just not me.” Keke’s good time is pretty infectious on the track, even it isn’t the most memorable thing we’ve heard so far this year. So, though she’s pretty unapologetic about giving a tease without letting him touch, the bouncy, bass-heavy Tasha Catour-produced track is enough to probably put him in a forgiving mood.

It seems “Twerk N Flirt” is the latest we’re hearing from what could be a brand new Keke Palmer album. There’s no direct word on when exactly that will be dropping, though. Guess we’ll just have to put this one and twerk away until someone from Keke’s camp decides to clue us in. You can join in on the fun when you press play below.

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