Cecily Shares Her Enlightenment On 'Awakening, Pt. 1'

One of the perks of SoulBounce being based in the DMV area is that we have a front-row seat to witness the development of some of the most talented artists in the world. What's even better is that we get to call many of these people "friend." Singer-songwriter Cecily is one such person whom we've been rocking with for the past couple of years. Some may think this leads to a bias of opinion, but the undeniable fact is that her celestial vocal register and authentic lyrics place her in a lane that few can occupy. That's why we're particularly excited about her new album Awakening, Pt. 1.

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Even upon first listen, it's evident that Cecily headed into the studio with clarity of heart and mind. Although the project is classified as a "Part 1," it almost seems to be an extension of her 2018 album Songs of Love and Freedom. She expounds on her inspiration for the 4-track EP, revealing that it's "the story of my awakening to Love - of learning to work on myself so I don’t unintentionally hurt my loved ones, of learning to forgive myself so I can love myself without condition, of surrendering to the beautiful flow of love in my life."

This melodic thread of honesty is woven through each track. Album opener and lead single "Clumsy" is a warm, jazzy groove co-produced by Drew Kid. Accompanied by Malik Hunter on bass, Cecily confesses, "If I don't know how to love, then I hurt the one I try to love. I don't want to hurt you." It's this self-realization that sets the tone for the rest of the album, with "Set Myself Free," "No Room For Fear" and "Acceptance" providing thoughtful insights culled from a vulnerable space. “These are stories of choosing love over fear, and I hope these songs serve as a reminder to my listeners to do the same.”

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Stream Awakening, Pt. 1 below and support Cecily by purchasing the project via Bandcamp or iTunes.

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