Thirdstory & Eryn Allen Kane Give Us A Double Dose Of Heartache With ‘Still In Love’

Known for their covers of artists like Adele and Sam Smith on YouTube, Thirdstory is releasing original music and on track to be more than just Internet famous. After delivering their EP Searching last year, trio Elliott Skinner, Ben Lusher and Richard Saunders are prepping the world for their debut album Cold Heart, and they’re coming out swinging with their first single “Still In Love.”

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“Still In Love” is an ode to seeing one of your exes and being overcome with emotion. Over a bed of heavy percussion, keys and sweeping harmonies, the band gives us an earful of heartbreak. The lyrics are full of references to drinking the pain away, trying to convince yourself there’s no going back and all the other things people do when their lovesick. Whoever wrote this song has clearly gone through it – possibly a few times. However, it is the vocals that make the song such a treat. You can hear the ache of pain, sorrow and even a little hope in each note.

In addition to killing us ever-so-softly with the original version, Thirdstory also has an acoustic piano version featuring singer Eryn Allen Kane. The Bounce-Worthy artist with the big bombastic voice takes the first verse and make it her own. The boys in the band trade-off between verses. While we admit, Thirdstory and Eryn might have been showing out just a little too much on this track, we can’t deny their chemistry or the infectiousness of the ballad.

After the one-two punch of the original song and its acoustic version, Thirdstory deliver another blow with the song’s music video. Directed by Austin S. Winchell, the cinematic clip doesn’t disappoint. It’s your basic love affair with a slight twist. Two strangers gaze at each other from across the room at a house party. They fall in love, they break up and they see each other again in a touching moment. However, it’s the sting of the ending that makes this visual work.

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“Still In Love” will be featured on Thirdstory’s debut album, Cold Heart, due out on March 9th. They’ll follow that with a headlining U.S. tour that will kick off in Phoenix on March 20th.

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