SoulBounce Exclusive: Joanna Teters Makes Her Solo Debut With New Album ‘Warmer When It Rains’

Last May, Joanna Teters blessed fans with the music video for “Memories Remain,” the first single from her as a solo artist. Now, Joanna picks up where she left off with the release of her debut solo album Warmer When It Rains, which SoulBounce is delighted to world premiere on its release day.

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The former frontwoman for the group Mad Satta, Teters shares that she’s actually been working on the songs for her project for a while. “Warmer When It Rains is a collection of songs written between 2012–2017 that have immortalized themselves through years of live performances; they have shifted and morphed through time, through the hands of the musicians playing them and through my development as a songwriter.” Warmer When It Rains does indeed signal an evolution in Joanna Teters’ songwriting and sound with her sultry voice as the common ingredient in this delicious gumbo of love-centric songs.

Warmer When It Rains begins with the funky number “Ride With You.” Joanna revs up her beau’s engine and lets him know that she’s down for whatever and to go wherever he wants to take her. She picks up the pace on “Through The Night” with a song for them to two-step and twirl the night away on the dance floor. “Midnight” finds Joanna alternating between melodic vocals and singing with a rap-like cadence as she lets him know what really goes down in the midnight hour. By now she’s all in and head over heels when she takes us on a sonic detour on “Supreme,” with its sexy, tropical sway. The bluesy title track is more of an interlude, clocking in at a way-too-short minute, which simply leaves you wanting to hear more about her day. Joanna praises a lover who is good to her mind, body and soul who she can’t wait to get back to on “Since Monday.” However, that love seems to lose its shine by the time the bittersweet lead single “Memories Remain” comes around. Their love story comes full circle by the final track “So Easy To Love” with Teters crafting a ’60s throwback soul song about the one who has made life and loving easy like Sunday morning.

With Warmer When It Rains, Joanna Teters has released the first stellar album of 2018. Every track could be a potential single; the music is just that good. Joanna’s talent shines through on this project that is a soulful smorgasbord of songs. Listen to Warmer When It Rains in full below, and support the artist by purchasing it from Bandcamp.

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