SoulBounce Exclusive: Joanna Teters Reflects As ‘Memories Remain’

Almost two years ago to the day, we first profiled the band Mad Satta after falling totally in love with their sound. We were enamored by their perfect blend of soul and funk, but it was lead singer Joanna Teters who especially caught our attention with her honey-coated vocals. The New York City-based collective was a hit on wax and on stage. In 2016, however, the group decided to disband. Although Mad Satta may be no more, a few of the core band members have continued working together and are supporting the former lead singer in her new endeavor. Joanna Teters is ready for the next chapter, and she continues to shine on her first single “Memories Remain,” which we are excited to exclusively world premiere on SoulBounce.

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Inspired by a close friend’s messy breakup, Joanna takes on the role of the fed-up girlfriend. Teters tells us, “I wrote this song from her point of view, and it involves a lot of words and sentiments that I think anyone who has gone through a breakup can connect to, no matter the cause of the separation. There are comforting, empathetic lines, and there are some brutally truthful lines.” We definitely feel her passion and pain when she sings lyrics like, “She said with a shake of her head / I can’t take any more of you / My days are slipping away / And it feels like we’re stuck in a groove,” and comes to the realization that this isn’t where she needs to be.

“Memories Remain” is accompanied by a music video that illustrates a relationship in good times and bad. We view Joanna and her leading man sharing intimate, loving moments and being the picture of bliss, but there’s also a volatile flipside and we soon see that all isn’t as peaceful as it initially seemed between these two. Luke Carr, who previously directed videos for Mad Satta’s “Reach Out,” “Makings of You” and “Simpler Times,” is once again behind the lens to tell this visual story of a love that’s lost its shine and a boyfriend that’s gotta go.

Although it’s a wrap on this love affair, our love for Joanna Teters remains, and we are happy to report that more new music is on the way. She’s been busy creating with former Mad Satta-mates Ben Carr (bass), Zane West (drums) and Ted Morcaldi (guitar) and the new addition of Noah Barker (keys) to the band. According to Joanna, the new music will have, “a more streamlined sound, with more focus on the lyrics and strong yet truthful songwriting.” Look out for more singles in the coming months and an album to be released by this fall. For now, get a bittersweet first taste of Joanna Teters comeback on “Memories Remain.”

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