Justine Skye Finds A Fling Is Better When You 'Don't Think About It'

Every once in a while, someone comes into your life who satisfies you both mentally and physically. Other times, however, you realize that some people are only good for some Netflix and chill and nothing more. Singer Justine Skye has found just that in her latest single, "Don't Think About It.

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On the new song, we find Skye describing a no-strings-attached situationship she has with a certain guy. From the sounds of things, they may have given it a go at dating before figuring out that they'd be better off as friends with a whole lotta benefits. As she sings, "Keeping me up like insomnia / But when we're done, I'm back in my car / We fit together, but we're better apart," it's evident that she's getting exactly what she wants from this guy. The uptempo track fits the song's mood, matching Skye's carefree attitude toward the arrangement.

"Don't Think About It" is the follow up to her Jeremih-assisted "Back for More," which dropped back in August. It also potentially means we're one step closer to getting Skye's long-awaited official debut, Ultraviolet. While there's still no date attached to the Roc Nation/Republic Records release, be sure to check back for updates on the project and get into her latest in the meantime.

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