Gallant & Dua Lipa Celebrate Amy Winehouse With 'Tears Dry On Their Own' Cover

When Amy Winehouse came on the scene, she quickly became one to watch. Not only for her soulful ballads but for her turbulent life. A life that came to an abrupt end in 2011. However, her brief musical legacy lives on as inspiration. Singer Gallant joined forces with British sensation Dua Lipa to pay homage to the singer on what would have been her 34th birthday on Thursday, September 14th. To commemorate the occasion, the pair unites for Gallant's In The Room series to perform a stellar cover of Winehouse's "Tears Dry On Their Own."

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For the cover, Gallant and Dua have turned the tempo down a bit, giving us a more laid-back, neo-soul rendition of the song. The duo trades verses of the hit song, going note for note. Dua does a good job of gracefully covering her parts, even giving a little bit of Amy’s signature affectations. Meanwhile, Gallant, full of his usual ticks and twitches, gives us an enthusiastic, if a bit different take on the tracks. After the performance ends, we get a brief behind-the-scenes look at the recording session.

The two up-and-coming stars do a wonderful job on their rendition of “Tears Dry On Their Own.” However, for good or bad, it’s not the same without Amy's own emotional resonance to back up each note, each lyric and each tear that she shared with her audience. Of course, that might just be why we still miss her.

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Gallants is currently working on his follow-up to his critically-acclaimed debut, Ology. In the meantime, we do hope that he'll carry on with more episodes of In The Room, which has recently brought us his duets with artists such as John Legend and Andra Day. Meanwhile, Dua Lipa just released her self-titled debut and is touring across the country to support it. You can support both artists, and fondly remember the music of Amy Winehouse, by clicking play below.

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