Kintaro Wants You To Know You're A 'Superstar'


We're starting to wonder when exactly Kintaro sleeps. The youngest Bruner brother continues his constant and consistent roll out of tracks that has, so far, included recent tracks like "Somethin" and "Don't Mind A Label." However, while those tracks were mostly concerned with making you twerk a little something or getting down to business, he goes for something altogether different with his latest offering, "Superstar."

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Despite the name, this one isn't a Carpenters cover. Think of it instead as Kintaro's way of providing some motivation to keep pushing despite the odds. He whips up a mix of knocking drums and bright and happy synths for the track, making sure to keep the positive vibes flowing from start to finish. Then he does best Curtis Mayfield impression for the chorus and verses. "Baby I know you're a superstar," he repeatedly assures on the chorus, his falsetto reaching new heights. The verses offer a bit more encouragement, with Kintaro advising not to let anyone "f**k your flow up." However, he's isn't done with the supportive commentary, with him going full on motivational speaker near the end of the track, reminding everyone that life is for you, no matter what it is that you choose to be.

With him cooking up all this hotness, we can't help but wonder when Kintaro will be packaging all this up into an actual debut album. We guess time will only tell if or when that'll come to fruition. Don't worry about that at the moment, though. Instead, brighten up your day by giving "Superstar" a  spin and then grabbing your very own free download of the track below.

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