Kendra Foster Strips Down For 'Promise To Stay Here'


Despite the news constantly trying to bring us down, we have to say the one thing that's been consistently great in 2016 has been the strong musical output from some of our faves. Kendra Foster, of course, is part of that group and her self-titled album struck an impressive balance of old and new while reintroducing us to her stellar talents. And now we have another reason to enjoy the magic that is Kendra all over again, as she recently released the music video for her dreamy, funky single "Promise To Stay Here."

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In the clip, Kendra goes with a simple, intimate treatment, stripping down to nothing while looking at the camera coyly. However, though Kendra performs most of the video in the buff, her nudity isn't presented as titillating. Instead, it's an intimate gesture that invites the viewer to share in her space as if they were the lover she's addressing in the song's lyrics.

“I wanted to embody how love feels. In love, we feel dreamy, intimate, spiritual, sensual, free, open, confident, vulnerable, beautiful, honest, trusting, alive, & we take risks," she told our friends at Okayplayer about the video via email. "In love, we are our true, natural self, & we dare to go to that purest place w/ no pretense—uncloaked down to our most real, natural us, and comfortable and good with it.”

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Get good and comfortable with Kendra when you watch "Promise To Stay Here" below.

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