Rihanna Swings Her 'Sledgehammer' For 'Star Trek Beyond'


While the summer is all about cookouts, sun and fun, another huge part of the warmer months is the summer blockbuster. Just as highly anticipated is the blockbuster's theme song. This year, moviegoers have been getting worked up into a frenzy as we wait for the July 22nd release of Star Trek Beyond, starring Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Idris Elba — who plays the film's villain. Well, now we officially have the theme song and it comes to us courtesy of none other than Rihanna on the sweeping "Sledgehammer."

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It's no secret that vocal ability was never one of Rih Rih's strongest areas. However, as proven on her last album, ANTI, Robyn has clearly been putting in work. Her hard work has definitely paid off on "Slegdehammer," where she has, quite honestly, never sounded better. While we've joked before about her sounding like a goat, that goat is nowhere to be found on this one. Rih Rih's holding notes that would have been unimaginable during her "Umbrella" days. Though we won't be putting her on the vocal powerhouse list anytime soon, the fact remains that she sounds amazing here.

"Sledgehammer" was penned by frequent collaborator Sia and it's obvious based on lyrics like, "I hit a wall, I thought that I would hurt myself." We're pretty sure Sia had a lot to do with the single's vocal arrangement as well judging by how dramatic it is. Rih Rih shares writing credits with Sia on this one and it seems that she may have been mulling over the lyrics for some time now, as evidenced by a tweet dating back to May 2014 when she quoted the song's hook, "You're just another brick and I'm a sledgehammer." Whenever she wrote/recorded it is really not that important, however; we're just happy the song finally got to see the light of day. Take "Sledgehammer" for a spin below and also peep the trailer for Star Trek Beyond before it hits theaters July 22.

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