Incognito's 'Love Born In Flames' Video Will Make You Want To Set The Dance Floor Ablaze


Getting a new album from Incognito is always cause for celebration. Getting a new video from Bluey and company is even better. If you don't live in a city that the UK-based band tours, getting a video is the closest we'll get to watching them in action and the video for "Love Born in Flames" doesn't disappoint.

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In the video, Bluey shares co-directorial credit with Giuliano Eboulia and the result is a dance party like no other. For the upbeat tune, which features the vocals of longtime collaborator Imaani, the video opens up with a wide shot of Bluey standing alone in front of a graffiti-covered wall. The camera slowly pans up before settling on the caption painted on the wall: "love will tear us apart." We then move inside a room that features the rest of the band, Jamiroquai founding member Stuart Zender included, as they perform for a group of dancers. Imaani is seated at a bar as she sings over the smooth midtempo groove. All in all, its a fun take on the song and you may just find yourself struggling to keep from smiling and dipping your shoulders as you take in the pure, unadulterated joy that is evident on everybody's faces. If we've learned nothing over the course of the band's storied 30-plus year career is that they specialize in making listeners feel good from the inside out and "Love Born in Flames" is no different.

The song is taken from Incognito's 17th studio album, In Search of Better Days, which we premiered here exclusively ahead of its June 24th release date. The album features appearances from Maysa, Tony Momrelle, Avery*Sunshine and a host of others.

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