Darius Scott Wants To Inspire You To Go ‘Beyond’


Before Darius Scott won over Pharrell Williams on the last season of The Voice, his The Tide EP caught our ears and we welcomed the Texas native into our playlists. Now with his experience working with NBC and advice from the man who has produced for everyone from Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé to Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani, Darius is starting off the new year by getting back on his independent grind and releasing brand new music. Darius is looking to create the perfect soundtrack to uplift us all as we push toward our brand new goals and resolutions, and he does so quite lovely with his new song “Beyond.”

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“I hope you got everything you were searching for,” Scott exclaims as the song opens. That line alone should be enough to get you going. But he doesn’t stop there. The young crooner digs deeper and adds that maybe if you didn’t get it yet, it wasn’t meant for you to have. No, he doesn’t stop there either. Scott continues to pour out his overflowing cup of lyrical therapy for the world to hear and heed to. When the second verse comes in he flips it and begs a few vital questions. “What will you do with the things you’ve been searching for? When you find it will you use it or will you just abuse it and have to start your searching again?” This is certainly the type of thinking that we all need to subscribe to as we turn the pages of this new 366-paged book that is 2016. It doesn’t hurt that the kid can sing either. His tone is beyond on point, as are his perfectly placed riffs and runs.

“Beyond” finds Darius encouraging us and telling us that we can go anywhere we want to, and we believe that the same goes for him. Give this refreshing and powerful new anthem a spin on SoundCloud, and look out for more from this incredible rising star.

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