Aaron Camper Heats Things Up With 'Sunset'


If you've never watched a sunset (which is actually kinda weird), Aaron Camper is here to let you know exactly how it feels. The singer just released another track from his upcoming EP, B.L.O.W. (Better Left On Wax), and it's a laid back love song involving a significant other and her hold on him. "It's all you / And the things you do / I'm so in love / I'm so in love / I'm so in love / In love with your sunset," Camper sings. The song, created by Luke Witherspoon, DJ Bowden and Kenny Wright, is a chill banger you can play as the temperature (unfortunately) continues to drop this winter. Just like the kiss of the sun, the song will remind you of warm times with bae and the fuzzy feels that come along with said love interest.

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While Aaron is in the process of wrapping up B.L.O.W., it looks like he's going to keep releasing a few songs ahead of its debut. He first dropped "Hypnotizing" and later "Choose You" earlier this fall, and now that we have "Sunset," he's got us primed and ready for more. The crooner also just wrapped up a seven-week run on singer/songwriter JoJo's I Am JoJo Tour, so we know he's been working pretty hard. Until we get his new EP and more tour dates, listen to Aaron's "Sunset" right here or on his SoundCloud and let us know if it gives you warm feelings or if there's still an icebox where your heart used to be.

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