JoJo Releases Her Latest Video 'Right On Time' To Close Out The Year


For JoJo, the month of December is extra special because she gets to celebrate her birthday and the holidays all at once. Double presents! But this year, it seems we're the ones getting all the gifts. While many people opt to take the day off on their birthday, the spirited singer took the stage to wrap the North American leg of her I Am JoJo Tour last week (December 20th to be exact). This is in addition to her surprise drop of #LoveJo2 just two days prior. Well, the gifts keep on coming by way of a new video for "Right On Time."

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Possibly taking earlier cues from another famous "J" (Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty), the musical short gives us our first set of visuals from the EP with the added bonus of offering a behind-the-scenes peek of the tour. Of course, there's the obligatory footage of JoJo commanding the stage and exhilarating the crowd with her live set. But we also get to see some personal moments with the singer working out, rehearsing and just plain acting silly with her crew. The moments when they occasionally sing along with the song feel fun and carefree rather than staged. Whether gallivanting in her dinosaur costume, taking selfies with fans or graciously signing autographs, every frame further endears us to the singer and increases our anticipation of her upcoming full-length project.

Scroll down to jam with JoJo, stream #LoveJo2 via SoundCloud and visit her website to sign-up for the latest updates.

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