Ella Eyre Shows Us Life Is So Much Better 'Together'


Ella Eyre has been an artist to watch for awhile now, impressing us with powerhouse vocals and working with artists such as Rudimentary, Naughty Boy and Wiz Khalifa. Now the singer brings forth the new song “Together,” the latest single off her upcoming full-length debut album, Feline. Produced by Futurecut, the song is a soulful drum and bass romp about two being much greater than one when it comes to life and love. Ella shows us just how much greater in the video treatment for the song.

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The clip starts off with young Ella working as a cashier at a supermarket, looking bored and daydreaming about places far, far away. Soon, her friends walk by the window of her 9-to-5, goading her into leaving the responsibilities of her dead-end job behind for another day and having some fun for once. They throw Ella in a grocery cart, wheeling her dangerously through the aisles, before absconding with the singer just in time for the hyperactive chorus to kick in. The group of friends quickly purchase an old-school Volkswagen Bus and head off for adventures in places unknown.

After the chorus ends, we catch up in with Ella and friends as they break into a house, jumping on beds and throwing cereal around, narrowly escaping the armed guard. From there, the group is shown turning up at the beach and driving around the countryside.

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Besides looking like an unintentional commercial for Gap or Urban Outfitters, the video is super duper fun. It will remind you of being young, dumb and broke, but ultimately being okay. As long as you have friends by your side, you can do anything.

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