Malice & Mario Sweet Take A Trip To 'Fantasee Island'

Malice And Mario Sweet Fantasee Island Video

One of our favorite indie soul couples are back to celebrate once again. That's right, Malice & Mario Sweet are continuing their winning streak. After giving the people Malice’s solo jam “Try You” and “Celebration” in honor of their anniversary, the Sweets are reminding us all how great their Enjoy:Like:Love album was with a visual for the Evil Needle-produced song “Fantasee Island.” The impressive clip begins with “Goodwill” playing as the husband and wife make their way to a vintage vehicle and prepare to embark on what will eventually become a time traveling adventure.

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Mario begins to flip all the right switches as he sings with his wife, and they visually bring the classic film Back to the Future back to life in a major way. As the video progresses, the duo ends up on an island singing about fantasies coming true. They look happier than ever, gazing into each other’s eyes and admiring the beauty in and around them. “You’re living your dream life,” Malice sings, and clearly they are living theirs. Here’s to love, light and more magic from these two as 2015 progresses.

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