Is Floetry Back Together? This 'Floetic' Performance Has Us Hoping So


Before 2014 is over we're going to have a soulful heart attack. Almost like a unicorn sighting, we never thought we'd see the day when Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart would share the same stage again, but stranger things have happened. Like D'Angelo finally releasing his third album, but we digress.

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Last night R&B duo Floetry briefly returned to the stage to give us a throwback of their unique brand of poetry and soul that has definitely been missed. While Marsha (aka the Songstress) performed at her show last night in London's Clapham Grand, Natalie (aka the Floacist) joined her when the beat to "Floetic" came on. If you've seen Marsha perform live, you know she periodically gives us a throwback in the form of Floetry songs, but this time her performance was made complete with this mini-reunion. The crowd went wild and social media lit up with questions on whether the two were back together.

While Marsha and Natalie haven't performed together in eight years, the performance was flawless and took us right back to 2002 when the single was released. While each has seen their own success, with Marsha touring for her latest release Friends & Lovers, and Natalie focusing on her third solo album Rise of the Phoenix Mermaidwe had no hopes or dreams that we'd ever see them reunite. While the jury is still out on whether this will ever happen again or if the two will work their way back in the studio, we can at least revel in this moment and cross our fingers and click our heels for a repeat. Watch Floetry perform together (finally) in the video below and let us know if they're still "Floetic."

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