The SoulBounce Q&A: All Cows Eat Grass Open About Who They Are, How They Keep It ‘Kool’ & Why They’re All About Love


It was 2012 when the group All Cows Eat Grass sauntered onto the scene with an air of mystery surrounding them, a cow named Clyde representing them and a batch of soulful electro-funky songs coming from them. We heralded them as Bounce-Worthy and over the course of three EPs, that love grew deeper. Then 2013 came and went with no new tunes from ACEG’s direction, but now with 2014 about to roll out and a new year about to roll in, All Cows Eat Grass have returned and are ready to truly make their mark.

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The once elusive trio is finally ready for their big reveal and have some major developments in the works. All Cows Eat Grass invited us to their Pasture to discuss their ACEG concept, their origins, what they’re all about and what’s on their horizon.

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