BJ The Chicago Kid Reinterprets Anthony Hamilton With 'Where I'm From'

BJ The Chicago Kid Spotted Bowtie

BJ The Chicago Kid is a talented artist who we've grown to appreciate. Over time, he has impressed us with his sincere music and lyrics that paint a picture of life back in his hometown of Chicago. The singer continues to sing about where he's from in an interesting take on Anthony Hamilton's 2003 hit "Comin' From Where I'm From."

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Hamilton's original is a soulful classic that is best to be left alone. However, BJ gets a solid nod of respect for "Where I'm From," which rearranges the song for an honest look at the streets of Chicago without losing Hamilton's original message. Of course, BJ's voice is not as soulful and gritty as Anthony Hamilton's voice. As a result, the cover does not render the same emotional and heart-wrenching feeling that Hamilton gives. But it is evident that BJ is not trying to be Mr. Hamilton, so it is best to not compare the two.

Meanwhile, poet and Chi-Town native J.Ivy spits a few lines of spoken word at the beginning and end of the song about the detrimental effects of violence, unemployment and lack of opportunities in a community. By the end of the song, J.Ivy takes a positive turn as he talks about the strength and love for his mother who continues to lift his spirit and taught him how to lead others with love.

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BJ's "Where I'm From" is a another timely song that reflects the ills of our communities and the love that we need to cure them. Take a listen to the track right here.

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