Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars Take Their 'Uptown Funk' To The Streets

Mark Ronson Bruno Mars Uptown Funk Still

We've already sung the praises of "Uptown Funk," the Bruno Mars-assisted first single from Mark Ronson's upcoming album, Uptown Special. But to reiterate, it's a funky, fun jam that's sure to remind you of the days when bands like The Time were getting radio play in the '80s. So it's no surprise, then, that they channel Morris Day and crew for the decidedly '80s treatment of the song's music video.

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The clip finds Mark palling around with Bruno and his band through the streets of what appears to be New York City (though things are just a little too manicured for it to be the real thing). As Bruno checks out women, clowns around, gets his shoes shined and even stops in a salon for a fresh curl, he exudes all the cool of Morris Day circa 1985. And if seeing Bruno and crew stroll down a street as Mark trails them on the hood of a white stretch limo didn't scream '80s enough for you, they turn things up to 11 as the song climaxes, with the crew gathering on a black stage lit by a neon city skyline. It's enough to make you want to put on a pastel blazer and white T-shirt combo and rub a little curl activator in your hair.

With the video looking this good, we can't wait to see what Mark and Bruno do with the track when they perform it on Saturday Night Live this weekend. While we wait for that to happen, go ahead and get funked up by Mark, Bruno and the gang when you press play below.

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