Do Kid Ink, Usher & Tinashe Speak Your ‘Body Language’?


In case you haven’t had your fill of asstronomical anacondas and bountiful booties in music videos for 2014, Kid Ink is here to give you an eyeful with his visuals for the song “Body Language.” Well, Kid Ink isn’t the one bending over to show us what he’s working with (thank God), but it’s the ladies of the “Body Language Live Peep Show” who are twerking hard for the money while he raps and Usher sings the hook and conducts a symphony of jiggling cakes.

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R&B starlet Tinashe is in the video, too, but much like on the song, her presence is minor. She’s pretty as a picture, but amongst a group of scantily clad dancers who are thicker than a Snickers, she is far from the focus. Bless her heart and her slim hips.

If you’re not tired of seeing ass, ass and mo’ ass in your music videos, then press play and get into Kid Ink’s “Body Language.” If you would rather pass on the ass, then do listen to the song because it is two-step worthy and yet another musical win for Usher this year.

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