Robin Thicke Illustrates His 'Forever Love'

Robin Thicke Forever Still

Even though today marks the release of Robin Thicke's "please, baby, please" album Paula, the creepiness level of this whole project just keeps rising. Ticking that level up a few notches is the singer's latest lyric video for Paula track "Forever Love." It follows what appears to be two children, a brown-skinned girl and a beige little boy (but neither anywhere near the actual color of their real-world counterparts, if we're keeping it all the way 100), as they traipse through the song's lyrics, losing and finding each other along the way.

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The song itself, taken at face value, is actually a sweet, romantic ballad that most would find fairly innocuous. Coming from Thicke however, it feels more like Exhibit A if his estranged wife, Paula Patton, ever decides to file for that restraining order that she might just need right about now. All jokes aside, though, the verdict's still out on whether "Forever Love" and Paula as a whole will be enough to get Thicke his wife back. But the real question is, will this track be enough to make you purchase the album? Decide after taking a peek at the video.

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