Applejac Is The Latest ‘Good Kisser’ To Take On Usher


While Usher is currently on to the next and the next, many of us are still waiting for closure on our love affair with “Good Kisser.” Since the song dropped back in May, producers, remixers and DJs from around the world have tried to make each kiss more memorable than the last.

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The latest entrant to the foray is none other than our very own homie Applejac. The talented Atlanta-based DJ is fam here at SoulBounce, so we happily hit the play button on his "Good Kisser (AJ's Kissin' Bandit Re-Work)." AJ says that he was inspired to create his re-work after hearing versions by frequent collaborator DJ Jaycee and fellow remixer DJ Topspin. Like the previously mentioned versions, Applejac opts to give this kiss a decidedly old school flavor. Really old school. As in, the Godfather of Soul old school, courtesy of James Brown’s “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved.” Being a resident of the legendary Godfather party (a James Brown tribute DJ series), it’s not surprising that he chose a Brown sample. But we gotta give props on how well the unexpected pairing works. He took the Godfather’s “make it funky” command and went to town. We very well may follow Ursh’s lead and “be kissin’ all night”...on the dance floor, that is.

Get into Applejac’s funky re-work below, then go grab your free download before they’re all gone.

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