Om'Mas Keith Achieves 'Divinity' With SZA & Jill Scott

Sza Ommas Jill

Though the fellas of Sa-Ra Creative Partners rarely make music as a collective these days, the fellas continue to bring their creative musical outlook to the masses through their own prolific individual efforts. Take Om'Mas Keith, for instance. The producer who's behind musical creations for everyone from Erykah Badu to Frank Ocean. The super-producer adds a couple more names to his roster of stars, up-and-comer SZA and soul veteran Jill Scott, for his latest bit of musical ear candy, "Divinity."

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"Divinity" finds the singers matching wispy, whispery vocals over Om'Mas' musical dreamscape, full of twinkling keys, a pulsing, throbbing bass line and synths that ebb and flow like a tide rolling in. And it's fitting, as the lyrics here are presented in a way that can best be described as a musical stream of consciousness. Yes, there are phrases and melodies that are repeated that one can say constitute a verse and maybe even a chorus. Yet, there's a loose freedom at play here that allows the words, music and spare notes to blend into and bump against one another as they please with no care to take on any particular structure.

But the true star here is the interplay of Jill and SZA's voices. Instead of competing for attention, they intertwine, curling into each other like smoke, before slowly drifting apart into more distinct versions of themselves only to find each other yet again within the dreamy soundbed. It's at once odd and yet inviting, a heady, intoxicating effect that makes the track's more than seven-minute runtime drift by with relative ease.

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Experience the bliss that is "Divinity" right now by simply pressing play.

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