Is PARTYNEXTDOOR's Latest The Right 'Way'?

partynextdoor-her way

If after pressing play on PARTYNEXTDOOR's latest single, "Her Way," you think his sound bears more than a passing resemblance to Drake's, then you'd totally be on to something. That's because, besides hailing from Canada like the Young Money actor-turned-rapper-turned-sometimes crooner, PARTYNEXTDOOR is also one of the artist's signed to Drake's OVO Records. Since inking the deal nearly a year ago, PARTYNEXTDOOR has gone on to release a self-titled mixtape, lend his vocals to several of his labelhead's songs and hit the road alongside Drake himself, Future and Miguel.

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On "Her Way," he keeps the virtual party going as he croons about the "bad b---h" who has caught his eye. I'll be honest, though, y'all. This song isn't necessarily my cup of tea. Besides the fact that he repeatedly refers to this woman as the b-word, his voice is Auto-Tuned to the heavens and back. I suppose in some alternate universe being called a "b---h" over and over again could be perceived as a compliment. Luckily for me, I don't live in that universe. If you have a thick skin and often find yourself grooving to the sounds of the likes of Future and the other indistinguishable, Auto-Tune-dependent artists popular these days, then PARTYNEXTDOOR's "Her Way" would be right up your alley. However, for this decidedly un-bad bish, this song is nothing to write home about.

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