Boulevards Delivers Some Funky Stuff On ‘Gimme All Of You’


The Brooklyn native Boulevards is all about the flashy entrances, as evidenced from the first moment we heard him on last year’s “Hasta La Vista,” and he comes causing all kinds of ruckus again with this neon-lit newness that is “Gimme All Of You.” I’m still trying to figure out the sample (someone please enlighten me), but bedazzled early-’80s R&B n’ funk is at your service as Boulevards keeps the pace fired up with light-on-his-feet lyrical flows that blend supremely well into the groove thanks to the production efforts of SGLD. This is a hip-hop-meets-funk rush to the head, and you can experience this sound euphoria many times as you wish as Boulevards is offering the track for free.

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