Low Leaf Shows Her ‘Roots’ In Mini-Documentary


For the last couple of months, we’ve shared with you the eclectic music of Low Leaf, a Filipina-American musician, artist and producer. Full of trippy harmonies and grooves of Filipino rhythms, harp and electronic synths, Low Leaf’s music embodies the free-spirit energy that she radiates. Since the April release of her latest album, AKASHAALAY, I’ve been captivated by her soulful brand of experimental acid-jazz. The artist describes her album as an offering to her ancestors and homeland of the Philippines. Coming to terms with her own culture and history as a Filipina woman, Low Leaf uses her music and art as a vessel to spiritually connect to the history of her heritage.

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This week, Low Leaf shared Roots, a mini-documentary that sheds light on her journey to her homeland in Philippines. Beautifully directed, produced and edited by Alejandro Talens, the documentary adds greater context to the influences behind Low Leaf’s album and how her ethnic identity grows stronger as she learns more about where she came from. Watch the insightful documentary below, and be sure to check out AKASHAALAY in its entirety on Bandcamp via Fresh Selects.

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