Fly Moon Royalty To ‘Step Hard’ With ‘Unfinished Business’


Fly Moon Royalty have some unfinished business to attend to. That is, they have an upcoming EP entitled Unfinished Business that closes the two-year time gap since we last heard from vocalist Adra Boo and beatman Mike “Action J” Illvester (for me it was with 2012’s groover, “Betta Have My Money”) and has them reclaiming their rightful space in the funk-rock hybrid space. Still all this time off hasn’t made them into softies; in fact, they have packed even more ammo in their arsenal as they howl back with the EP’s introductory single, “Step Hard.”  An understatement the title actually is, as the bark is just as bad as the bite with the duo plowing out an aggressive hip-hop/R&B stomper that is splashed with electro-shocked grunge rock that is no doubt a nod to their Seattle homestead and assuredly gives them an edge above other future soul acts. You’ll have to catch your breath when this one winds down, trust. And to think this is just the beginning of what is to come as all guns are sure to come out blazin’ with these two on February 18th when Unfinished Business officially drops.

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