You'll Want 'To Be Alone' With Yolanda Be Cool & Omar

Australian production duo Yolanda Be Cool have dropped their new single "To Be Alone" with the help of Brit soulster Omar Lye-Fook. Taken from their 2012 album Ladies and Mentalmen, the delicately seductive female vocal and the tight, minimal electro groove immediately head in the right direction. Layer upon layer of tension is added with swelling synthesized strings and a thudding bassline and in the midst of it all, another soulful interjection by Omar convinces you that this is what he was made for, even though you say that about everything he ever does. By the time the vocals swim together and the beat kicks in harder than ever, your feet want to do the talking. This is a fine slice of soulful electro-house that should keep many a dance floor filled, and with lines like "You're a symphony, but you've forgotten the bass line" it'll keep your brain satisfied, too. That makes it a win-win as far as I'm concerned, and I know I won't be alone in that. [H/T: KN]


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