Maimouna Youssef Has A 'Story' To 'Tell'

We've gotten used to hearing the multi-talented Maimouna Youssef mostly sing as of late, but in case you've forgotten that this vocalist can spit some wicked rhymes, too, Mumu Fresh is here to remind you. Youssef's alter ego has dropped her take on Drake and Jay Z's "Pound Cake" from the former's Nothing Was the Same with her "Tell My Story." Her flow is well-matched to the sparse track and her lyrics are tight. She rails against "sensitive ni**as consuming too much estrogen" and "sappy love songs," but it's when she tackles the thorny issue of racial politics and her own mixed heritage that she comes into her own, giving a history lesson in "good hair" and how tough it was to get recognition. This is one story well worth hearing, and let's hope there's more from Mumu Fresh (and Maimouna) on the way.


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