Ruth Koleva Does Us One 'Better'

We deemed Bulgarian songstress Ruth Koleva Bounce-Worthy late last year, and now she's back to show us why. She's set to drop new material this year and has whet our appetites with her first single from the upcoming project, "Better." The song finds our Ruth trying to fix her relationship after her female intuition that her lover was being unfaithful is proven to be false. This isn't your typical he said/she said song, though. Instead of coming off like a jealous lover, Ruth realizes the error of her ways and offers solutions to their relationship woes. She does all of this while her sensual, whispery vocals are framed just right by the track's luscious, jazzy production (which is courtesy of SB fave Seravince). Jazzy sounds and thoughtful lyrics that differ from the norm? If I wasn't already anticipating what was coming from Ruth's direction, I definitely am now. Get prepared for what Ruth's soon to be bringing your way by listening to "Better" below, downloading it on iTunes and checking out her glam turn for the track's video after the bounce.

After the bounce

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