Cody ChesnuTT Seeks Redemption In ”Til I Met Thee’

When Cody ChesnuTT’s Landing On A Hundred was released late last year, it was clear from the moment you hit play that it was one of the best albums of 2012 with a heavy story to tell. However, one song stood out for me and I have had it consistently on repeat ever since. That song is “‘Til I Met Thee,” with its tale of finding salvation in this often dark world. Now ChesnuTT has given us the visuals to enhance the story of how he went from being “a stranger in a foreign land” to discovering the truth. The music video sees ChesnuTT farming and building in barren woods, seemingly content until he meets someone (or something) who causes him to question the path he is on and seek something more. While the overriding theme of the song and video is redemption, there are many ways one could interpret this visual, and it appears to be alluding to more than meets the eye at fist glance. Have a look and decipher your own meaning behind this beautifully shot music video.

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