Charlie Wilson’s ‘Love’ Is Just Enough

I’ve long had a soft spot for Uncle Charlie. Have you ever heard him tell his story? I’ve heard him recite his inspirational tale about gaining the world, then losing it all to addiction, before finally meeting his angel on earth and turning his life around so many times that I could probably recite the details as well as he does if I had to. So, whenever I hear he has something new coming out, I stand at the ready to support. Since his big return to the music scene as a solo artist, Charlie Wilson has hit us time and time again with beautiful singles. Last month we got to hear his latest, “My Love Is All I Have,” and now we get to watch him play it cool in the accompanying video. He has come quite a ways from his early solo days. Long gone are the braid extensions, replaced by a fresh cut topping a dapper, young-at-heart Wilson. He looks fresh, healthy and happy. The video gave me a serious case of the “Video Made the Song Better.” There’s nothing spectacular or particularly entertaining happening, but it’s enjoyable because of the central character himself. That portion of his personality that makes it so easy for folks to call him “Uncle” comes through in the visual, and maybe I’m just extra sensitive today, but seeing him and his interactions with his love interest kind of warms my heart. Don’t hesitate to hit play and let it warm yours, too.

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