The Floacist Breaks It Down On ‘Soul’

If there was ever any question as to how much tea The Floacist is spilling in her song “Soul,” then the lyric video for the track makes it crystal clear. Hearing her address the breakup of everyone’s favorite spoken soul duo Floetry is one thing, but seeing the lyrics in tandem with the music is another. Natalie Stewart has chosen to remain mum about her musical split with Marsha Ambrosius until now, but with her new album Floetry Re:Birth on the horizon there’s no better time than the present to lay it all out for the world to know her feelings on the matter. She doesn’t go into detail, but she let’s it be known that she had to cut her friend loose because she wasn’t going to sell her soul. Welp, considering some of the sketchy song choices Ms. Ambrosius has made in recent years, I can see where there’d be some friction between the two. Clearly a Floetry reunion will not be happening anytime soon, if ever, but fans of their old sound will be able to discover something new when Floetry Re:Birth is released on November 13th.

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