Stacy Barthe Tells It 'Like It Is"

Last we heard from the talented Stacy Barthe, she was enjoying a much-needed walk on the beach in the video for "Comfy Little Coffin." Now we get that continuation of that scene in her video for "Keep It Like It Is." When we first discussed this saucy little kiss-off, its island flavor had us had us hooked even though its subject matter was a bit somber. The video keeps up with that theme, with a beautiful Barthe and her band happily playing on the beach while the sun sets in the background. All the while, images of Stacy's failed relationship (flowers, a photo of her and what appears to be Luke James, a home and a figurine of a happy couple) go up in black-and-white flames. It all culminates with Stacy calmly delivering a final, crushing blow to a lover who just couldn't do right by her. If all crushing breakups looked and sounded as good as this, maybe they wouldn't be so bad. Get into the tranquil feel of "Keep It Like It Is" below.

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