Bobby Womack Looks For 'Whatever Happened' In Space

Bobby Womack's The Bravest Man in the Universe finally arrives in stores today. We've already gotten a pretty good feel for the album with leaks of "Please Forgive My Heart," "Dayglo Reflection" and "Deep River." Now, to further whet our appetites, Bobby has released the video for "Whatever Happened to the Times." The song, a mournful lament similar in tone and theme to "Heart," is just one example of the greatness that is Bravest Man. The video expands upon the album's Universe, casting Bobby as an astronaut navigating the complexities of human emotion. While the concept might seem a bit out there (I mean, how much further out there can you go than space), it actually fits in line with the sense of loneliness and solitude that the song conveys. Of course, Bobby wasn't alone when making the album. It features contributions from producers Damon Albarn and Richard Russell, with appearances from Lana Del Rey and even the late, great Gil Scott-Heron. You can get an eyeful of "Whatever Happened to the Times" below and be sure to pick up The Bravest Man in the Universevia iTunes or Amazon today.

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