Bilal's 'Tainted Love' Is Anything But Soft

I'm glad to see more SoulBounce faves getting in the mix on's Mashup Mondays. Last week it was Mary Mary doing their thing on a syrupy-sweet cover of Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are." Now this week Bilal is in the spotlight with his take on Soft Cell's 1981 hit "Tainted Love," which itself is a remake of Gloria Jones' 1964 original. Mr. Oliver takes Soft Cell's synth-pop '80's concoction and puts his own stank on it, making it sound completely different from the previous time we heard him perform this track. I love how Bilal flipped his own script. That takes talent, which dude has by the mile. Watch Bilal damn near sing his freckles off as he and his band (hey, Chris Turner!) jam all the way out. 

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