PJ Morton Gets To Shine On Maroon 5's 'Is Anybody Out There' For A Good Cause

Before picking up their joint world tour in Turkey, Maroon 5 and sixth member PJ Morton headed to a studio in
London to create music for charity. In only 24 hours, that is. Streaming the entire studio session live online, they
encouraged feedback from their 350,000 viewers. They also set up an awesome interactive wall that
showed Twitter mentions from over 25,000 fans. In between yoga breaks, guitar riff-offs, and ping-pong
sessions, they took lyrical inspiration, general opinions, and much-appreciated musical ideas from the
tweets. The result is "Is Anybody Out There," a sweet, piano-driven song about finding someone to love
and wanting to take care of them. It's a concept that's pretty much to be expected from both Adam
and PJ. Giving
themselves only 24 hours to complete the song could have been a tough challenge, but they pulled it off
effortlessly. It's a tight collaboration; PJ's voice blends perfectly with Adam's, and he fits
right in with the rest of Maroon 5. "Is Anybody Out There" doesn't sound rushed or unfinished. It's
actually polished, and it's a testament to the talent of everyone involved with the project. Part of the purpose of this experience was to take care of
those in need, and after the first 100,000 downloads of the song, Coca-Cola will make a donation to the
Africa Foundation's Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) to provide access to clean water in Africa. Rush over to get the free download at Coca-Cola's special website, enjoy clips of the 24-hour experience, and support Coca-Cola's charity work.

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