It's 'True,' George Michael Now Sounds Like A Robot

I'm sitting here in stunned disbelief at what I have just witnessed and trying to make sense of the sheer nonsense that is George Michael's latest song and video. "True Faith" is the name of this musical mess, and I have officially lost all faith in Mr. Michael who has resorted to singing in Auto-Tune (or using whatever vocal effect that has him sounding like R2D2) for this entire song. I never thought I'd see the day that the guy who crooned "Careless Whisper" and growled his way through "Everything She Wants" would make T-Pain sound good. This just does not compute. And neither does this video that looks like an extended MiO commercial. Not even on his worst day when he was wearing booty shorts and fingerless gloves in WHAM!, did GM look as ridiculous as he does here. Between the obvious plastic surgery and his eyebrows that look as if they were glued on in the wrong location, I'm spent. All I want to know is who is this man and what has he done with George Michael?

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