Dwele Wants To Change The ‘W.orld’

Not for nothing, Dwele‘s YouTube game is imperial. He makes some of the most well-produced, on-the-fly videos just on GP, but when he sits down to really put something together–as he has with this commercial to promote his new album W.W.W. (W.ants W.orld W.omen), prepare to be impressed. Set in Detroit in front of a building with busted out windows surrounded by a barbed wire fence, Dwele plays triple roles here: as an Obama-like community activist preaching change, as a young man in the audience receiving the message and as a driver rolling by the scene slowly with his menacing homies in tow.
It was quite clever of Dwele to rattle off bogus statistics with numbers that correspond to his release date in his speech. Given the open ending, something tells me that this isn’t the last commercial that we’ll see from Dwele for W.W.W., which is just fine by me.
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