Forget About Insurance. Stereomood Has Got You Covered.

Say you have an eclectic ear when it comes to music. You tend to favor genre-spanning mixes that may include a segue from The Notorious B.I.G. into David Bowie and on into Luther Vandross if it's done right. Well, my friend, no need to look any further. Since stumbling upon Stereomood's website, a website that generates playlist's based upon the user's mood, I have been exposed to playlists that truly capture the mood it promised to promote. You want to "make love"? Shirley Bassey and Little Dragon appear. You want to be "cool"? Frank Sinatra coos to you while James Brown serves to shake things up. We're still a bit confused as to why Biggie's "I'm F*cking You Tonight" shows up on playlists as different as "cool" and "make love," but we'll chalk this up to a less than varied Hip Hop and Soul music collection. No matter. It's still fun to play with. Check it out here.

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