Joss Stone Is Wary Of ‘Governmentalist’ Business

I’ve never really had a really definitive opinion of Joss Stone. Granted, the girl can sang and has been endorsed by any artist really worth their weight in talent. But for some reason, I just never really got that into her. I may have to check for her a bit more after this track “Governmentalist,” Joss’ attempt to set the record straight about her right to speak her mind after voicing her opinion about Iraq war veterans. There is a version floating around with Nas dropping a rhyme of two, but since I really didn’t feel he really added anything to the track, the original version is posted below. It’s floating around the internets somewhere, so feel free to search for it. Let me also not forget to mention that this song is available for free.99 to raise awareness about voter registration courtesy of HeadCount. Get your fight for your right to rock out after you press play.


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