SoulBounce Roundtable: Beyond Justin & Ciara

In light of our recent post entitled "How Can Justin Timberlake Still Objectify Black Women And Get Away With It?" and the ensuing reaction, we thought it would be a good idea to dig deeper and officially claim ownership of our position. Present are myself, Butta, ill Mami and the author of the infamous post, Ro. Fave of the Friday Favecast is on the production. Here's a sampling of what we discussed and learned:

  • The intention of the op-ed was never to take the focus off of Black rap artists that have committed similar (and worse) acts in videos. Choosing to believe that one dialogue isn't already in progress in order to nullify the one on the table is counter-intuitive.
  • Even if Ciara herself made an "executive decision" to portray the Antebellum Whore in her own video, that doesn't make her any more empowered than the white man with a chain around her neck.
  • Quite often, people are not ready to receive the perspective of a Black woman unless she's solely speaking on behalf of her experience as a person of color, or her gender. Never both at the same time. It's like spilling hot coffee on a robot--it.can.not.process.the.information.
  • The presentation of Black female sexuality in our media and culture is already a shaky situation. Although Justin Timberlake isn't the problem, adding him to the equation doesn't make it any better.
SoulBounce Roundtable: Beyond Justin & Ciara [download/subscribe]

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