Hot Like Ayah: Heavy Rotation


I often have trouble answering the question, “What new albums are you listening to lately?” But today, I will attempt to share a few albums that I have in heavy rotation. Right now, these albums hold that distinction: The Foreign Exchange‘s Leave it All Behind and Tona‘s Direct Deposit (although it’s not out yet, hey friendship has its privileges).  

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Damn, is that it?

Sadly, yes. I’m just saying, from the newer albums out there, I think that’s close to it!

Well, OK. How about, “If I went on a road trip, what albums do I listen to over and over and over and over again?” This is much easier to answer! That list would include: Erykah Badu‘s Mama’s Gun, Andre 3000‘s The Love Below (“The Love Below” is also a great Nine Inch Nails song; look it up!), Georgia Anne Muldrow‘s Fragments of the Earth and Badu’s New Amerykah.

There are some older albums that I still listen to like, Mary‘s What’s the 411, Jill‘s Who is Jill Scott, Kanye‘s Graduation, Legend‘s Get Lifted, NasIllmatic and Stillmatic, or Nina Simone‘s Greatest Hits

To be honest, these will always be in rotation. Many will come and go, but those albums are truly classic! 

So, now I have to ask: What are you listening to? 

Stay Hot!


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