Conya's for Obama!

Add the soulful voice of recording artist Conya Doss to the growing throngs of entertainers who are standing up for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Last night, while trolling the nets (ironically, right after Mr. Obama's acceptance speech), I came across a new song on the artist's MySpace page entitled, "Obama for Change." The track is a mixture of Ms. Doss's vocals and what seems like a street interview conducted with citizens both young and old, asking why they want to Barack the Vote. One young lady, no doubt proud of her "originality," spoke up and said: "Listen to his name. Barack Obama will stop the drama!" Well, there ya go. Keep that hope alive. The track is directly on the heels of Conya's album Still..., which dropped earlier this year. No word yet on whether "Change" will be an official single. Until then, you can Barack it below.

Conya Doss: "Obama for Change"

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