Old School Rappers Selling Out...In A Good Way


Remember back in the day when MC Hammer was chastised for building his own media empire, complete with a cartoon in his likeness, a Pepsi endorsement, and enough money to employ his entourage that employed half of Oakland? Or remember how Daddy-O from Stetsasonic got all that flack for voicing the Polly-O string cheese-loving parrot? It sure is funny how times change and everybody and their grandmother is trying to start a record label/fashion label to emulate Diddy or Master P. or Jermaine Dupri or any of the handful of artists/producers who have built an empire by branding their plush and rich lifestyle. 

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Last night I was watching Miss Rap Supreme which is every bit as sinfully good as I had imagined. It's kind of like The (White) Rapper Show only with much more swearing and unnecessary catfighting. As I was bigging up Yo-Yo for remaining in the game on a positive tip for almost 20 years, I not only saw Kid from Kid 'n Play in a new show entitled Celebra Cadabra about celebrity has-beens who compete in the world of magic, but I heard MC Lyte's voice in a Tide commercial! It seems hard to believe, but could it be that advertising and network execs are thinking outside of the box? A little bit, but not enough as they should to realize that the new crop of people with spending power (read: those who provide money to the "spending generation" of 13 to 18-year-olds) include us old school hip hop heads? 

Feel old yet?

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