Mary J. Blige Gives A Double Dose Of Hip-Hop Soul With ‘Amazing’ & ‘Good Morning Gorgeous’

It’s Mary J. Blige time! The forever reigning Queen of Hip-Hop Soul is returning to her throne soon (with a recent interview suggesting that her 14th studio album could arrive as early as next month). A queen needs fanfare, though, and Mary’s supplying her own by releasing not one but two new singles — “Amazing” and “Good Morning Gorgeous.”

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“Amazing” is the banger of the two (if you had any doubt of this, look no further than the DJ Khaled feature). With a reggae sample, knocking bass and trappy hi-hats and snare, Mary is in celebration mode as she talks her ish all over the place. She sings about being lit and feeling fantastic as she brings in the dollars and the attitude on the chorus. Meanwhile, Khaled plays the hype man role as he bigs up MJB and her many accolades.

“Good Morning Gorgeous,” on the other hand, finds the singer back in her heartbreak lane. With a simple, bluesy guitar lick serving as the music base, Mary laments hard times as she speaks to working through a low point with a bit of self-help and reflection. She speaks on the times that she hated herself and the mental anguish she’s put herself through. Despite all that, she reminds us how important it is to take time out to honor yourself, even if it’s just looking in the mirror and saying, “Good morning, gorgeous.” The song’s video captures this sentiment pretty well, with Mary walking through a luxe estate dripping in the flyest finery. Even with all the trappings, though, she shows that depression and sadness doesn’t go away with wealth and success as she puts that acting work in for the clip.

If you’re a Mary J. Blige fan, then we’re sure you’ll be happy to hear these two new joints. Bow down to the queen and get into her latest efforts below.

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