Khruangbin & Leon Bridges Usher In Their 'Texas Moon' With 'B-Side'

Photo Credit: Pooneh Ghana

Musicians (and Texans) Khruangbin and Leon Bridges made musical magic last year when they released their joint EP Texas Sun, a project that unified their respective sounds while celebrating the unique vibes of their home state. The group and Leon are set to give us a second helping at the top of next year with the follow-up Texas Moon. But before they drop that off, they're giving us a sneak preview with the set's lead single "B-Side" and its music video.

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"B-Side" captures a funky kind of soul reminiscent of sounds from the late '60s and '70s thanks to pounding drums and slick guitar licks that make the track move. Leon, meanwhile, gives us his best falsetto as he describes what it feels like to long for someone. "You may not be / Everywhere I go," he sings on the chorus. "But you stay on my mind / Wherever I go." The song's video takes a different tack from the song's lyrics, this time taking us to a version of the Wild West that includes the crash landing of a flying saucer. Leon arrives on the scene and knows exactly what to do, pulling a golden mic out of his trunk and commencing to get down. This coaxes Khruangbin out of hiding as they join him in song. That's when things start getting trippy, though, as the sky goes psychedelic and we get an acid flashback as they continue to keep the jam going.

We already know that Khruangbin and Leon Bridges go together like hand in glove and can't wait to hear the next chapter in their musical journey when Texas Moon arrives on February 18th. Get down to the sounds of "B-Side" and trip out on its video below.

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