Alessia Cara Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of ‘Best Holiday’ Into The Making Of ‘Make It To Christmas’

It’s that time of year where singers pop out of nowhere with holiday albums and singles to see who can take Mariah Carey’s diamond-certified Christmas crown. While Alessia Cara threw her Santa hat into the fray some time ago, her newest drop sends a message that though she may not be gunning for that top spot, she’s aiming to remind people that she’s a contender. Reintroducing a song she released two years ago, Cara opts for casual visuals for the single “Make It To Christmas.”

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The video is a simple camcorder-style behind-the-scenes look at Cara’s recording process. Dressed down in sweatpants, Chucks and a messy bun, we mostly see her singing awfully close into the mic, even stopping to play raw audio and footage for an early piano breakdown and vamp. The other players are given shine here, too, as the camera cuts to shots of the engineer, producer and string section and her interactions with the crew.

Cara approaches the subject of not wanting to be lonely on the holiday with a level of creativity that is her trademark, with clever lyrics like, “ Don’t know what I’d say to dad when he sees the empty chair / Don’t want to hear my mum say, ‘I told you so’ / Waiting for Santa in my bed’s no fun if you’re not there / And I don’t wanna be angry, at mistletoe.”

Even though this song initially debuted in 2019, it is the first official single from her Best Holiday EP, recently released on December 3rd. “Make It To Christmas” has garnered a reputation of being a fan favorite and one of the newer original holiday tunes to gain a following. Alessia is wasting no time keeping her name hot during cold season right after her latest album release in September, making her late show rounds performing the song and promoting the EP.

Check the video and EP for yourself, and see if “Make It To Christmas” or any other songs from Best Holiday will make it onto your holiday playlist.

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